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Get to Know Sarah Falen

One thing nobody can deny about me is that I am passionate. I am passionate about faith, family, freedom, agriculture and industry. Maybe I was born this way, but more likely, it all started in my upbringing. 

I am passionate about my faith. One thing about me is that I somehow get myself into strange situations. Some of these, I am lucky I survived. I believe that the reason I survived them is because God has a purpose for me and has looked out for me my whole life. 

I am passionate about family. I come from two long lines of ranching families, one of them making me a 6th generation Wyoming ranch kid. Our family has a legacy to work with the land and raise animals. Nobody is surprised I have embarked on this career path because not only ranching is in my blood, but so is advocacy. My Grandfather, Dan Budd was on the Wyoming Legislature for several years, He advocated for water rights, always preaching that "water is the life blood of our state." My other Grandfather, John Falen is known all over the state of Nevada, advocating for ranchers private property rights by being involved in National Cattlemen's Beef Association and other organizations that prized those rights. Both of my parents, Frank Falen and Karen Budd-Falen have spent their lives advocating for private property owners in the west at their law firm, Budd-Falen Law Offices. These are some of the legacies that I aim to live up to. Not only did they show me how to be passionate, but they are my biggest fans. 


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I am passionate about freedom. I have been told that when my Grandpa Budd was in the Legislature, and there was an argument happening, he would stand up, take the pocket Constitution he had out out of his jacket pocket, lay it on the table and everyone would go silent, knowing they were about to get a lecture on the Constitution. Because of those stories, I started carrying a pocket Constitution on my person when I was in 7th grade. I believe that our rights are God given, and the Constitution is there to protect our God given rights from being taken from us. I believe that the United States of America is the best country in the history of our world, and I will fight to keep those freedoms that made us so great. 

I am passionate about agriculture. Being a 6th generation ranch kid, watching a western way of life slowly fade and watching the hardships that those with the most important job, feeding the world, suffer. I have been advocating for agriculture as long as I can remember, even as a young kid, explaining to anyone I could convince to listen why we need agriculture around. 

I am passionate about industry. Everything in our society comes from oil and gas, mining or agriculture. As technology propels us into the future, people are forgetting how we got to where we are today - through those industries that keep the lights on, heat our homes and keep water running. I will always stand up for the industries that have stood the test of time.

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