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Wild West Advocacy

Public speaking - Social media strategies- Advocacy

We all know there are many things that make agriculture and natural resources difficult. These industries often have challenges coming from Mother Nature, a lack of understanding from many urban communities and of course, regulatory “red tape” coming from our government. While I can’t control the weather that Mother Nature brings, there are things I can do to help with public perception and government regulations. For any of these issues impacting agriculture and natural resources, there are generally three different types of solutions. There is a legal solution- our court system could solve the problem. There is a political solution – educating and informing our decision makers in Congress, legislature or regulatory agencies can solve the problem. Lastly, there is a public perception solution- changing public perception about a problem or industry could solve the overall issue.


As Juris Doctorate, my primary focus is on providing advocacy for farmers, ranchers, and other natural resources industries. I work in conjunction with Budd-Falen Law Offices where one of their experienced attorneys can bring legal guidance and advice on litigation strategies.

When a political solution is the best course of action, I spend time educating and informing Congress and State Legislatures on various issues that impact our natural resources industries. Education of our decision makers is an essential tool for advancing the interests of the agricultural industry, and ensuring that the government is responsive to the needs and concerns of farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural businesses. As rancher and an advocate, I am proud to support the right of agricultural organizations and individuals to engage in advocacy, and to help them navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape that governs these essential industries.

Lastly, when a change in public perception would be best to support your cause, I have found social media a powerful tool for not only myself and teaching folks around the country and world about agriculture and natural resources. I believe that one of the main reasons there are so many bad laws that negatively impact agriculture is because of the deep lack of understanding of agriculture so they support candidates and decision makers that may seem like they are helping the environment, but in fact are doing the opposite. I also coach others on how to create a social media presence, your message and overall how to post and be successful on social media. 

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About Sarah Falen

I am a fifth generation Wyoming ranch kid living in Cheyenne Wyoming. I got two undergraduate degrees from the University of Wyoming, one in Agriculture Communication and one in Environment and Natural Resources – I got those degrees in 2017. I went to the University of Wyoming Law School and graduated with my Juris Doctorate in 2021. I started working for my family’s Law Firm, Budd-Falen Law Offices, but realized that I enjoyed agriculture advocacy in other ways other than just litigating. I started using social medial to educate people about legal issues within the agriculture and natural resources industries. I started Wild West Advocacy in October 2022. I advocate, give speeches use social media to reach those not affiliated with agriculture regarding the issues that I talk about.

What I Specialize In

Lawywer speaking to group about land laws

I love going to conferences, colleges, events and sharing my knowledge and experiences. I speak on a variety of legal and agricultural topics.

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Speaking up and on behalf of farmers and folks in agriculture is one of my passions. I will never stop fighting for our community. 

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Social Media: rotting Americans’ brains? Or an Opportunity to educate urban areas? I have found that social media can be a powerful tool to educate the uneducated.

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Contact Me

P.O. Box 1501

Cheyenne Wyoming, 82001

(307) 217-6347

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